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Few statistics to start with:

Trojan war(12th century BC):

An entire kingdom was destroyed fighting for a women.Death toll,may be a few thousand ,majority of which are men.


Men died fighting for a single women.Not a single women died in the war.


Men fought and died for a single women.Not a single women died in the war.

First World war(1914-18):

9.7 million military personnel(Men) died and about 6.8 million civilians(Men and Women) died.

Second world war,Afghanistan,iraq,iran,kashmiri jihads,godhra riots, and recently mumbai attacks.The common thing among all these incidents was that more Men died than women.Its a fact.

Now,the irony is that i dont understand the sentence “anaadiga aadadaniki jarugutunna anyayam”(injustice done to women from time immemorial).Looking at the statistics given above,allow me to shout “annadiga magadiki(Men) jaruguthunna anyayam”.

A peculiar thing which i observe in india is that women belonging to higher social status are highly previleged.No big que’s,No interest on loans(chiru’s new policy for women),No dress code(in Bangalore,literally speaking!).Not much cloth to wear for heroines in films etc…There is a vast difference between the privileges enjoyed by women belonging to the upper middle class and those who are around the poverty line.No rich working girl gets beaten by a drunken SWE husband,very rare.No rich working girl is forced into human trafficking.No rich girl is forced to abandon her education to earn daily wage.

Girls studying in IIT’s,BITS,NIT’s,IIM’s gets placed before many of their male colleagues who are much more talented than them.Women in politics gets much admiration,chances than many of their much talented male colleagues.Girls whose parents are super rich gets married the next day they want to get married.Opportunities/chances are more for them than a man of the same status.

I feel irked when shabana azmi shouts that women needs to have 33 percent reservation in the lower house.same is the feeling when i see a lone women sitting in a seat meant for 2 in a crowded city bus.same feeling when i see them getting tickets for BILLA which is meant for men(anushka’s fans!),same is the feeling when i bite my tie with rage when i see a girl with pep jeans on a monday morning in a company with strict dress code for men.

To vent my anger i eat a lot of biryani in new food court,i wont reply fast to my superiors if they happen to be women,refuse to sit beside a female movie goer in a theater,not offering lifts to men who look like women and women who look like women/men,scolding my mom whenever she brings news of good matches to me and finally stopped viewing sun music/udaya music/gemini music at around midnight etc…

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