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Why i don’t want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg

First things first, I don’t want to be him because i don’t want to be a man with a medium built physique, an introvert, with a weirdly whitish face  having no girl friend and a Jewish origin (pun intended) as  i perfectly fit the bill of a perfect man!, tall dark  and ahem, handsome, and yes, i have a girl friend and i am a Hindu (Hindus don’t need girl friends, they automatically get married ). Apart from the a fore mentioned facts there are other reasons for me not to be the CEO  and founder of a 40 billion empire. I would rather prefer being a fat snob like a Rakesh junjhunwala instead.Why? the secret is as open as Rakhi Sawanth’s cleavage. It’s there for everyone to sneak a peek.

I don’t really read Paulo Coelho nor i believe in the concept of whole universe conspiring to help you achieve your dreams, if this concept is indeed true, i am really afraid of the  wishes of Osama Bin Laden!, “I want to destroy the world” and the whoooole universe helps him to achieve his dream!. What i believe is the fact that life is all about Optimism and a fervent desire to achieve something. And here is the catch, once you have achieved something that you really wanted, you won’t enjoy it!. Ask any married man how he enjoys going to bed and having sex with his  lovely wife of 10 years, he won’t!. Ask a Warren buffet how he enjoys his billions who still lives in his old  five-bedroom stucco house in Omaha. He really doesn’t give a damn. No, i am not suggesting you enjoy your pot, sing Hare Rama and roam around Goa Beaches for eternity. All i am saying is don’t be the Spider man if you ever had a chance. What did  mama say? ” with great power comes great responsibility” , and i don’t want that power if i ever had a chance.

If i ever become a billionaire(most probably, i wont!) i don’t want to become the founder of Malinda gates foundation and roam around the world helping the deprived!. Do you think Bill Gates or Buffet who pledged all his wealth to charity and in future a Zuckerberg have a choice as to how they lead their own lives?  NO. They don’t. See Tiger woods for God sake, he is successful  and so what he bring some hookers home, see what they did to him, they ripped him apart. They are all Spider men. Rather i prefer spending the second half of my life at french alps with an old  Scarlett Johansson. So a low profile millionaire has a better chance to lead a life of his choice than a high profile billionaire. But the paradox, Who wants to become a Millionaire if he had the chance and opportunity to become a Billionaire. No one, except me.

“The social Network”  is a brilliant movie for it touches all the right chords. An accidental Billionaire in making struggling with his personal life wanting to prove something to the world. He perfectly fits the psyche of most of the present generation high aspiring cool dudes. And the director was successful in portraying the varied hardships that one has to undergo in his long journey to become great and the bloody trail that it leaves behind resulting in a permanent scar.

So what do i suggest?, Try to become an Iron Man instead, you have Scarlett atleast!, but never the Spider Man, you are done with. Becoming an Iron Man is easy for it is in your own hands to become an Iron man, but its quite difficult to become a Spider man because the Radio active spider is difficult to find . Don’t spoil your life in search of that Spider, you will never enjoy the outcome.

Ps: if you haven’t understood the last para, mail me.

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