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Valentines Day

Every God deserves a festival. There are 3 crore+ gods in India, each and everyone of them deserves a festival. But a festival without a holiday is like Yana gupta wearing a panty, nobody cares. But there is one festival which doesn’t need a holiday. A borrowed festival, a youth festival, a festival that some says is only for the beautiful people, not for the ugly ones, tatadaaamm, THE VALENTINES DAY.

Nobody wants a holiday on a Valentines Day, who wants to sit at home all alone and watch “Mogali Rekulu”( a revolutionary Telugu detergent, sorry, soap). Ugly office going girls who don’t give a damn about their looks till this day take that archeological artifact, the makeup kit, buried deep under their clothes to test their chances of being hooked. Who knows which bechara is waiting all through the year to propose her on this special day?!. Looking ugly on a valentines day is like wearing jeans to the first night, not practical. I did that mistake once, not the jeans, but not wearing the makeup, so the love of my life is lost to another girl. I don’t want others to make the same mistake, otherwise you will end up like me, all alone, pants down and watching that “valentines day, kii din mei” song.

Where is the festival for lovers in India??  Holi,  for perverts to try their antics, Vinayaka Chavithi for goondas to showcase their power, Dashara, for people to display their love for animals and give them “mukthi”, Deepavali to show heroism, Rakhi, for girls to take revenge on boys, Worldcup to show our devotion to God, Sachin. Where is the festival for lovers in India?? What did Gandhi say?  the day when all those lovers hiding under trees, bushes in public parks, net cafes can come out and publicly exchange greetings, that is when our culture is completely lost. But who cares, except for Shiv Sainiks of course.

Time for the other side of the story. Like the fact that all people with fairer skin have black butts, V-Day too has its share of negatives. Widely regarded as a festival for attractive people, the festival is accused of sidelining the ugly people. In a democratic country like India, everyone, poor-rich,short-tall, ugly-balu, everyone should be given equal opportunities.

Like an idea  behind my black skin is indestructible, the idea of V-day is potent enough to go on forever. The idea that v-day is all about hormones and sex has to be respected. There is still aloo in samosa even if there is no Laloo in Bihar. Similarly, no matter Archies exist in India or not, V-day will forever continue.

Balunomics – Part 1.

I am not Paul Krugman. I don’t understand economic lingo and i also don’t have a Nobel Prize.  This analysis of mine is lame, really stupid, so don’t take this argument to heart.

Projected GDP of India at 8.7%!, what?, PPP of India is 4 trillion dollars! what?,  arey yaar India will overtake USA in a couple of years, woww!, that’s really great but how?. you know, this GDP,PPP and all, these indicate growth, so we will overtake eventually!!, that’s it, simple. wah!  sahi yaar.

Indian growth story is a total fad. Its like comparing the income levels of a joint family of 50 members with a nuclear family of 2. Plain stupid. For example the EU, European Union is having the highest GDP of 16 trillion dollars  and has a population of 500 million, USA with a GDP of 14.5 trillion dollars has a population of 300 million and India which is having a GDP of 1.4 trillion dollars has a population of 1,155 million!. There is absolutely no way one could compare these three scenarios. Remember the “India Shining ” gimmick by NDA!, it is just a way to turn us away from ground realities.  Sadly, that was not the first time in India. Economics got politicized long ago during the Indira era with “garibhi Hatao” slogan.

Let us just talk about this great Indian IT story. Services sector in India contributes an overwhelming percentage to the Indian GDP close to 50 percent, of course, at the expense of Industrial and Agricultural outputs. Which roughly means that Indian service sector which involves IT companies are earning that much, which means they are paying the IT  employees that much. Which means IT guys average earnings are far ahead of other sector employees. cool.

So this unmarried  IT guy who earns 50k per month, what does he do with the money?, the story is quite interesting.

Earnings per month – 50,000 rs.

I-Phone or Samsung E6 – 20,000 rs.

New Car, Ford Figo EMI’s – 5,000 rs.

Levis jeans+ T-Shirt, Black Berry suit , shopping – 5000 rs.

Weekend party’s( Budweiser, his favorite) – 5000 rs.

I am not blaming him, he is just a part of great Indian wave of Consumerism. But if you look at the items he spent on, most of which are foreign goods of a  foreign company. Major part of this money will eventually end up in Apple’s, Ford’s  Bank account so that Steve Jobs can extend his holiday for a few more days.

So technically what are these MNCs based abroad doing? They are asking us to do some work which they don’t want to do and since India is a cheap labor market (pun),  they are paying us cheap in turn making us believe that we are rich, that we are developing and then take this money back and keep in their pockets just like stealing from a beggar to whom you just threw a rupee. To keep it bluntly, by showing PPP  they are making us PP (mail me for abbreviations).

If you cannot retain talent in India, if you cannot make a future Zuckerberg in IIT bombay, instead produce grads who work in FaceBook with huge paychecks,  as long as you report “abroad placements of IIM’s” on the front page, as long as toppers from IIT’s choose NASA over ISRO( no scam in ISRO, believe me), as long as Indian parents want NRI’s for their daughters(sad me), as long as Indians believe Inception is better than Tees Maar khan, India will never “really” develop.

Ps: FB valued at 50B$ can buy off 3/4 Indian IT sector valued at 70B$, difference of 1 talented man!

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