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I hate status messages in communicators.Being a sadist, i like disturbing people.I particularly disturb those who keep “Do Not Disturb” status.When i dont have any work to do i randomly pic persons from my office telephone directory and if i happen to see “Do Not Disturb” message i particularly disturb them.I Ping them and ask weird questions,questions like “Can You please tell the time.My comp is showing wrong time” or sometimes “your name looks familiar , do i know you? ” or some times “Ohhh, its so hot here in Hyd,is it that hot in chandigarh??” or sometimes “same pinch,you and I use the same communicator..hehehe” etc….

I never keep status messages in my communicator.girls are particularly famous for this act of hide and seek with communicators.I never believe an “away” message in a girls communicator.I tested this phenomena many a times with girls who are my close friends.I ask my cube mate to ping that girl when the status in her messenger shows that she is away and when i ping her, she replies.why, why do people do these things?The computer is mine,key board is mine and hand is also basically you have the right not to reply when someone is disturbing you.

“Do not Disturb” status makes no sense to me.It makes people think twice to ping someone who status message is ” Do not Disturb”.You never ping a person to disturb them,do we?.even for an official matter i think twice when i have to ping someone who has that status.Ooh my god he must be too busy to even do office work !!.Who knows if he is playing poker, or chatting with his beautiful cube mate.If i am Bill gates i recommend status messages like “Only beautiful girls can ping” etc…whateverr…



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