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Bloggers are like shakila doing movies without remuneration.We give free entertainment.We are like soldiers at the front keeping their lives at stake in return for nothing.we keep our feelings,our emotions at stake for nothing.You think we are jockers isnt?.And what about you?,you voyeurs,you peeping toms ,checking out the stuff hiding from your bosses chup chupke and you still think you have the legitimate right to ‘judge’ us?.Young girls closing their opened mouths with hands and throwing lines like “see,such a rude brat,how disgusting are his comments,how cheap is his mentality”?.

The tag line for a program called “so you think you can dance” goes like this,’there are two types of people in this world,one who entertains and one who observes,who are you?’.we belong to the first category.Most of us are products or rather byproducts of our surroundings.”There are rules” as the joker say in the Dark Knight,there are indeed rules which guide us,which constantly blur our logical thinking.Most of us are just afraid to be the way that we wanted to be.There is a thin line between what is legal and what is ‘accepted’.Most of our lives are guided by this “acceptance’ factor rather than “legality”.From a very no issue stuff like writing a comment for a blog entry to a major decision like choosing a life partner,we think about ‘acceptance’.What if the comment given by me is not in a good taste?What do other bloggers think about me? what if the partner i choose is not in sync with the acceptance level of the society?.

you may counter argue with me saying ” did i ask for it,you yourself are responsible for this”,all i can say is that blogging is like late night masala show in sun Tv.You may not admit that you like
them,but when your wife is away,thats when you appreciate the beauty of it.

We make friends,friends of friends,we are naughty,we are hot,this is not just a blog,this is what we are–(courtesy-priyanka chopra for Nokia)

Pixar’s latest flick ‘Toy Story 3’ is fabulous.Normal people can watch it when it hits the theaters in India next month.



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SP is all about freewill. I was once a revolutionary who lost his ideals in technology, a philosopher who lost his integrity in debugging and a poet who lost his soul in coding. SP is just the way I see the world. No hard feelings.

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