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Lame theory of Love in India

In USA or in Europe or in any so called “developed countries”, are all marriages love marriages?, i think the percentage of “arranged” marriages are meagre,is it true?.If my assumption is true,how a girl will always endup with a boy friend/GF and vice versa.

This simple point has many socio,economic,cultural,physiological,psychological implications.some of my own acute observations that we find in our society which should be relevant to most of us.

Most of the observations below are generic,exceptions are always there.

Firstly, our previous generation(our parents etc) have an acoustic allergy to the word called LOVE.They believe that romantic love is sheer attraction and is an illegitimate feeling between young people.This inturn gets mixed up with our potent historical “values” such as the esteemed respect that we give to our parents or elderly, and our mythological reverence to the adage that “with age comes wisdom”.simply because of the above said reasons much of the youth,just stay put with their parents view rather than their own view.

Forget about the poor, even the middle class in India spend most of their youth in either education,or job search or higher studies,by the time they complete all these they will be nearing their 30’s and are forced to ask their moms in kitchen to get him/her married.And frustraion levels are so high by that time,probably because they might have never even touched the opposite sex,we all know how it feels.On the contrary DY(youth of developed countries) might have had their break fasts,lunch and dinner.So we cant compare the frustration levels.

I think all our GOD’s(Includes Sachin too) are romantic.All of them had love marriages.Almost all of them.Sita loved rama even before breaking the siva dhanush,Shiva love married parvati,krishna OMG is a love legend,he is the ultimate cool dude sorts.Our indian Dictator Sonia love married,Indira Gandhi love married,NRN !!!! love married,Nandan love married, chetan Bhagat love married,sarkozy love married, Obama love married.I heard Osama Bin laden’s is an arranged marriage.But most of our parents wont agree.This is what i call TPHS( Typical indian hypocratic setup).

“Kuch cheese Hamara saath Hameesha Raheega” –Fair and Lovely.This is how indian corporate world hits the emotional softspot of indians,taking advantage of the mass “white” hysteria.As a typical example we can take anything, like film industry where men’s colour can range from buffalow to a cow, but the heroine must be milky white.There are soo many criteria which wouldnt match,boy “should” be taller than the girl.When a pair walks on the road,every one including the sweeper “should” say to himself “what a match!!”.This is what i call TIM( Typical Indian mentality).

Fear Factor.We care about too many things.What will our neighbours think, what will my boss think, what will my friends think,what will my dog think.By that time what YOU think becomes irrelevant.I think more than anything,society in India plays a very important part in making one’s “personal decisions”.Thats bizzare,but sadly its true.

Apart from this there are general “Indian” psyhological patterns which are soo unique to India.For example if we take a typical unmarried Indian female.Its becomes a herculian task to ask her and make her accept a simple date request, and it is evenly difficult task for an Indian male to approach a girl and ask her out.Its like North North pole trying to come closer.




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