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Like any normal middle class Indian boy i was a cricket fanatic all through my schooling days. ya, i used to play in the scorching sun every week end , I was aware of every damn rule of cricket and i know when did each member of national cricket team married, where they went to honey moon, how did they … ahem..whatever.. comonn, its not me, its in the first page of every national news paper!!.

Seriously, i was never into football, never. I never saw a complete football match before this years world cup finals. Last week end i,e in the “final 16 round” i found out how a corner kick will be given. I don’t know what is ‘off side’, ‘on side’ till a few days back. I thought Rooney is handsome !, I predicted that England would win the tournament ! And i never imagined that Mandira bedi is an expert on football.

I was naturally wondering as to why India is not “into” Football. I am putting down here some of the reasons that were thought of or famously considered as the reasons for the dismal state of football in India.

1. Indians are not physically capable to compete with “strong”  euro, Latin, African players.

A. Hmmm, You take an average Japanese guy and an average Indian guy, let them stand side by side and try to find out who is stronger, more physically capable of playing football. So i was wondering why Japan had such a promising run in this year’s world cup edition.

2.Cricket ruined everything , it dominated Indian sports ,it never gave any chance for other sports to flourish.

A. Guys, common. Do you really think that we are “World” champions in cricket? Let us just imagine for a second that “Football” is being played only by some of the poorest colonial countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Zimbabwe along with some developed countries where football is a “second rated” game like England , Australia etc. I would definitely assume that India could win FIFA 1982 world cup, and FIFA T20 tournament. Frankly, IF Football is being played by all developed European countries along with all Latin American teams along with USA; we would be no where closer to either dominating the game or dare dreaming of becoming “world” champs in cricket.

So cricket is famous for it can make believe a billion population  that we Indians are World Champions. In a way Cricket which is played, rather dominated by a small group of developing south Asian countries, satisfies, and rather compensates our desire to become “world champions”. But the thing is, we never were.

And what inherent support was there for sports like Chess, tennis and Badminton in India to start with? .If it takes one person to excel in these sports, its takes 11 for a football team. So i don’t buy this argument that Cricket killed other sports.

3. With a Billion + population we should be dominating every damn sports arena at the world stage.

A. This is the most “crappiest” argument that we Indians are used to hear from every TV commentator, from every columnist  immediately after the end of every Olympics and after every FIFA world cup or any other sports competition at an International level.

So UP being the most populous state should top the number of IIT entrants every year. And i wonder why i didn’t see China, which dominated the previous edition of Olympics in this year FIFA finals.  Slovakia which reached the final 16 had a population of 5 million which is equal to the population of Bangalore. So” technically” Bangalore should be able to produce a world class Football team going by the population stats.

4. Football is only for the rich countries!

A. Ohh i thought Ghana is poor.

5. We don’t have beautiful chicks who could bear everything in India to cheer our team like the European girls, which is, in a way  is demoralizing.

A.Ooh comon now.

So in my view, the best strategy would be to force Olympic association to induct games like “kabbaddi” “gilli danda” “HONOUR killing of animals”  etc and try dominating in these games rather than forcing our guys to play Football and forcing our girls to wear low necks to cheer our boys. The former may happen someday, but dont even dare dreaming of the latter, it will NEVER happen. So forget about Football and concentrate on Dhoni’s honeymoon surprises.



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