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Archimedes and the theory of FWYP

Remember Archimedes shouting “eurekaaaa” when he discovered that water volume thing while bathing, same thing happened to me at the same place,i.e in a bathroom  except that i shouted “paakeejaaa”.

I think i have  found a powerful theory which IF implemented properly can change your entire life. Its effective,its dramatic, its magical and a sure shot formula for success .I call it “Flush while you piss”(FWYP)  theory. The statement is self explanatory but it has  an embedded universal truth as big as Yokozuna’s bottom.

The crux of the theory is simple  ” Its human nature to mess up things ,But don’t wait till the end to clean the mess,you need to clean up the mess while you are messing it up” .That is  it , that’s the theory.Full stop.

Now lets apply this theory to some of the biggest problems confronting humans and lets see whether this theory can provide any salvation. Lets take for example Terrorism. In India, the state policy as of now is to clean up the mess of naxalism by eliminating the red brigade by any force at its disposal, i.e flushing. While pro moist writers like Arundhati Roy claims that violent confrontation is not the best solution for this “social problem” . Its a fact that government messed with the poor for a very long time and they haven’t “flushed” the revolt  while doing it. But instead they waited for the mess to get complicated and now they are trying to flush but the damage has already been done. FWYP has some words to the state,  “firstly, don’t drink water, you drank.Now that you drank,don’t go to bathroom,You went, now don’t do it, you did,now flush while doing it,you didn’t,now face the consequences!!

FWYP theory is universal. It doesn’t prescribe, preach and teach like all those self help books “You can never win!”, “7 disgusting steps for highly ineffective people” “The beggar who sold his bowl”  etc.  FWYP realistically assumes that we humans are prone to mess things up,it never suggests you to stop messing things up, all it says is, you need to clean up the mess while you are doing it. That is it.

Some of the brainy guys may ask “your theory is good, but the problem is i don’t know when i am messing the things up, if i don’t know that i am messing it up,then  how how can i flush it?”. This is precisely where the self help book which i am trying to complete titled “Know when to piss” It’s going to hit the stands in a few years time, try to get hold of it.



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