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I took a week off to THINK.Thinking as an entity has become non essential nowadays.Right from the day we were born we are bombarded right from mothers milk to tons of nursery books to high pressure board exams to life deciding(as if they are !) entrance exams, and after that jobs,PM’s,CRR’s, Marriage, children, their education and so on.In all these myriad vermin of existential things many of us just forget to THINK.So,when i think for a week i am pretty sure i am capable of coming up with a theory,so here it is.

Balu’s theory of Inflationary economics combined with pro-metric disillusion(BTOIECWPD)

The gist of my theory is simple.There are only only two sane ways to live a life.Either you live with what you have,earn a decent living,don’t strive to achieve much,marry not a very ugly girl/boy and die,preferably not with a cancer on a hospital bed.The other way is to TRY to become insanely rich,work your whatever off,earn millions,date some of the most beautiful women/men and die with extra dose of drugs in a Manhattan uptown luxury apartment.

The basic premise of the argument is simple.The idea of this theory is easy to undestand.There is a huge gap between living a simple SWE life and becoming an Warren buffet.There are many intermediate steps,steps like do an MBA,become a investment banker,Go to IIMS earn a decent living,Go to US earn in dollars etc.What i am proposing here is ,if your eternal aim is not to become a billionaire then dont strive hard for these intermediate positions,because its doesnt make any difference.

For example.If you have a Maruthi SWIFT as a SWE,a Mc Kinsey employ will buy a Honda city(space is same in both cars).If you have AC installed in your bedroom he will have in his Hall too,If his house is on the Banjara Hills main road,you will have it in Madhapur 2nd street(Time to reach Office is same).So the Idea of him living a luxurious life than you is a myth.Only difference is he has to work more than you.If he has a nagging wife and if you dont,your life will be more peaceful than his.

But on the contrary, an insanely rich and powerful person is entitled to do many things that we wish to do but we cannot do.Like say a holiday in Spain,a date with Jenna Haze, a chat with Obama etc…These things are not possible even for a VP of a successful company.So it doesn’t matter whether your are a VP or a PP(poor person).

So overall the theory says,There are only two sane options.One is to Try getting insanely rich or atleast die trying or the second way is to be happy with what you have and lead a peaceful life.Miserable are those who don’t fall in these 2 categories .

End of the theory



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SP is all about freewill. I was once a revolutionary who lost his ideals in technology, a philosopher who lost his integrity in debugging and a poet who lost his soul in coding. SP is just the way I see the world. No hard feelings.

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