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Why you should beat your kids

Let us just for a minute forget about the lame excuses given by journalists, columnists ,anchors on “why we should not punish our kids” following the aftermath of a kolkata boy killing himself after his school principal “caned” him.

Its a stupid argument to say that since the kid killed himself , we should not punish our kids. When i was getting trained like a guinea pig for my SWE job in a plush campus , i was aware of  atleast 3 suicide attempts by the fellow trainees who were not able to cope with the strenuous daily routine ! , at max what could have happened is that if they fail, they will have to give a retest or they will be sent home. These persons were not 8th class kids , they were toppers from engineering colleges. So i don’t have any mercy on the kid who committed suicide. It became rather fashionable nowadays to kill oneself  after leaving status messages in Facebook and Twitter.

So lets keep this excuse aside for a minute and let us analyze kids behavior from a theoretical point of view. In Psychology , Skinner is a famous personality who suggested a theory which could yield much better results than punishment while dealing with kids, he termed it  “Positive reinforcement“(PI)  . Its simple , Give the kid a chocolate every time he does his home work. It works better than canning him whenever he comes with his homework incomplete.

In my view, This theory of PI can infact be applied to a higher level of international politics. Going by skinner’s argument USA should not have gone to war with Iraq, instead it would have been better if they granted incentives like they are doing for Pakistan .Hillary Clinton announced 400 million for Pakistan yesterday to fight against terrorism!.Clearly, the 2 cases of Iraq and Pakistan are different, you may argue  and hence the approach is different too. I was of the same opinion too. Lets assume that Iraq and Pakistan are 2 different kids, one wouldn’t  listen to your heeding’s no matter what  and the only option left is to punish him, to show him the cane ,there is no other way left. Ofcourse its a desperate step but its needed!.  On the other hand Pakistan is a perfect case where the theory of PI can indeed work . So if the chocolates given by USA are not working anymore, USA would definitely pick the cane. I am pretty sure about that.

There is also an old adage “sama veda dandopaayam” in Hindu mythology means “peace, if not teach, if not smack the crap” .I don’t mind beating the crap out of my kid,you know. My father used to beat me, i turned up good, haven’t  I! So first tell your kids, if they are not listening then beat the shit out of them.Tell them my name if they are complaining.BALU.. booooo…Fans of Russel peters might recall this video.



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