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Inception what? Nolan who?

Firstly, i don’t go to movies to get “entertained”, i would rather prefer watching Rocco Siffredi invading Poland once again.The best thing about porn and Indian movies is that you can just relax while watching them. You know what will happen in the climax in both the versions,don’t you? . You don’t want to carry calculators ,pads and  “Intellectual” dudes to the theaters  along with you.

“Intellectual Dude, whats happening? ”

“comon , he is saying that extraction  is happening while Inception, this will happen while projecting your dreams ,basic physics stuff”

“ooohhhh, wait ,let me write it down, I cant watch the movie again,in Bangalore that too, its too costly man”

My facebook was cluttered with “genius” Nolan ,”Awesome” Inception for the past week or so. Firstly i never understood E=MC² , then they said Einstein was a genius .  Then i read “Thus spoke Zarathustra”  ,no where even close to comprehending  it, then they say Nietzsche was a  Genius , Then i saw matrix, i haven’t understood till now . Then came Memento , then came Simha, Raavan and now Inception. Guys, don’t feel bad that you haven’t understood the movie, you need not come and announce to hundreds of your friends that you have indeed understood it, we are humans and we have our limitations OK.

Indian dudes/chicks , learn to have some self respect first. When Mithunda and Rajni started flying through air in early 90’s, you guys were laughing your asses off,  haven’t you. And when Matrix showed the same thing , you said woww. When Ballaya asked a train to back off , it promptly followed his orders, and you are jumping from your seats laughing . And when Keanu reeves dodged bullets, you said wowwww.Why this hypocrisy, i mean why?

We village folks don’t want fancy science fiction and mind bending theories when we go to a  movie. All we are asking is some decent relaxation. Some running through the green field songs, some skin show by a white bitch , some beheadings , some blood ,some gore , some sex and some cheap comedy. Is that too much to ask for? I don’t dream about the world coming to an end, i don’t dream about “inceptions”. All i dream is sharing a bed with a beautiful girl,all i dream is  having an affair with the hottest chick in my company, all i dream is killing my boss with a blunt weapon.

When i watch any movie, the pleasure is when i am living my dreams in a dark hall. I don’t want intellectual crap. These “gora” guys are spoiling a generation i say. Grow up guys, grow up. Balakrishna’s new movie is in the docks “Paramaveera Chakra” at least realize by that time and make it a blockbuster.



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